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Pre-mortem your cloud changes

For the first time you don't have to wait for the worst when you push a change.

All the insight of a post-mortem without the fallout of broken infra.

The first and only automated pre-mortem platform

Manual Review
Data in
  • Pull request details
  • Code changes
  • Terraform plan
  • Experience and tribal knowledge
  • Risks get worse over time as knowledge is lost
  • Experienced staff are tied down doing reviews
Data in
  • Pull request details
  • Code changes
  • Terraform plan
  • Experience and tribal knowledge
  • Current cloud config
  • Health data
  • All dependencies between cloud resources
  • Blast radius (what might be affected)
  • Automated risk assessment
  • Anyone can get confidence in a change
  • Experienced staff are freed up to do more impactful work
  • Built-in change tracking after deploy

Your next change with Overmind

Discover with Overmind
wider discovery

Overmind uses automatic dependency discovery across services, with 3.7x the reach of current industry leaders.

Uncover the unknown unknowns in your system that will cause downtime before your team deploys changes.

Resolve with overmind
quicker to identify risks

By using unique, intelligent linking, Overmind only shows you relevant information meaning you can make deployment decisions within minutes not hours.

Track with Overmind
to validate, not hours

See changes in the whole system directly, without needing to ingest data, sift through logs, metrics, or stay glued to dashboards.

After deployment get quicker feedback confirming changes went through safely.

Make your next change with Overmind

Full coverage, zero impact.

Scales across any cloud environment with zero impact on resource or workload performance.
Straightforward agentless install. Achieve full coverage across all your accounts and regions.
How it Works

Unlock risk-free changes.

Proactively and systemically eliminate change risk by observing the things that actually matter.
Analyse the blast radius of your change within seconds using our intelligent linking.
How it Works

Seamlessly integrates into existing workflows.

Automatically create changes from pull requests.
View the blast radius and diff for each change, without leaving your CI / CD system.
How it Works
Available in Beta

We support the tools you use most

Give your team the visibility they need

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No agents, 3 minute deployment.

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