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Terraform Impact Analysis

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Overmind Terraform impact analysis

What is Overmind?

Overmind is a SaaS Terraform impact analysis tool. It discovers your AWS infrastructure so that it can calculate the blast radius of an application change, including resources managed outside of Terraform.

Helping you to identify the causes of outages by showing you which changes caused which problems. While also helping you to deploy changes faster by giving an impact analysis report before any change is made.

From this report you can understand if the change can be confidently made, or held back if it’s too risky, preventing outages in the first place.
Resolve with overmind


Frictionless setup, discovery available immediately, no lengthy scanning. Discover what infrastructure will be affected by your changes.

Resolve with overmind


Track the impact of your changes as they happen. Less time spent on validation and letting changes “bake”. Faster time to production.

Track with Overmind


Get the context teams need to resolve issues without needing a meeting. Eliminate red herrings when investigating problems, reducing MTTR.

How Overmind Works

From pull request to production with Overmind

Open a Pull request with Overmind

Open a Pull Request

Start by opening a pull request using the Overmind Github action.

The action will automatically populate a new change with the resources & items from your Terraform plan output.

Get notified by a PR comment

Based on what you're changing, Overmind will calculate blast radius of the affected items.

Once calculated it will then comment back on your pull request outlining if there are any affected app, items and number of edges.
Terraform Change Gif

Review the Blast Radius

Using the graph you can explore the blast radius in more detail. Understand the relationships and the dependencies changes that are being made to your application.
Blast Radius with overmind
Change review, diffs and validate health with Overmind

View diffs & validate health

Automatically get alerted if your change breaks something. Including a diff of exactly what changed, how it's related, and how to change it back.
Quickly identify which changes caused a problem.
Compare the difference between configurations to uncover the root cause.  
Minimise downtime caused by application breaking changes.  
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