Discover the blast radius of every change

For the first time you don't have to wait for the worst when you push a change. Discover and detect the risks you can't see. Overmind gives you the insight of a post-mortem without the fallout of broken infra.

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Tobias McCurry
Global Security @ Whiskerlabs

Overmind has revolutionized our IaC change management. It excels in risk evaluation, preventing issues before they arise. Fewer delays and less scrambling to fix things last minute.

Nigel Kersten
Chief Product Officer @

Overmind not only simplifies risk assessment, it democratises it, enabling even your newest team members to confidently deploy changes faster

The jeopardy of automated deployments

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Cloud Complexity

Terraform tells you what it’s going to change, but not whether this change will break everything. Teams need to understand dependencies to properly understand impact.

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Onboarding & Productivity

Due to the reliance on “tribal knowledge”, expert staff are stuck doing approvals rather than productive work and newer staff take longer to become productive.

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Outages are not caused by simple cause-and-effect relationships1. More often than not downtime is a result of dependencies people didn’t know existed.

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Change Management Process

IaC and automation means that changes spend substantially more time in review and approval steps then the change itself actually takes.

The only automated pre-mortem platform

DevOps professionals dread the risk of post-deployment system failures, with manual reviews often missing the critical faults that lead to downtime. Overmind addresses this tension head-on, offering an automated pre-mortem platform that analyses and alerts you to potential issues before you commit to a change, allowing teams to deploy with confidence.

Code changes
Pull request
Terraform Plan Output
Code changes
Discovered Dependecies
Blast Radius
Current System State
Potential Risks
Loss of SSH Access to EC2 Instances
Potential Interruption of Outbound Communication
Outage prevented!

High severity risk identified in infrastructure cha...

Blast radius

Discover the blast radius of every change

Overmind maps your AWS & Kubernetes* dependencies in real-time using read-only access. The blast radius uncovers dependencies that you didn’t know existed, even if they were created manually by people who have left the company.

370% wider discovery
Overmind uses automatic dependency discovery across services, with 370% more reach of ServiceNow Discovery (and growing). Uncover the unknown unknowns in your system that will cause downtime before your team deploys changes.
* Supported in Beta.

Automatically identify potential risks

Take the guesswork out of identifying risks. Overmind only shows you relevant information meaning you can make deployment decisions within minutes not hours.

38x quicker to identify risks
Compared to manual reviews in the AWS console*. Overmind analyses the entire blast radius within minutes. Which until now has been too time-consuming.
* Compared to manual reviews in the AWS console.
Tracking and validation

Validate the success of your changes, and move on

Overmind calculates the diff of your changes in real-time. Confidently move on post change without the fear of needing to trawl through logs or metrics, or stay glued to dashboards.

Minutes to validate, not hours
Overmind surfaces changes in config & health, rather than measuring metrics logs and traces. Get comprehensive feedback within minutes rather than manually checking dashboards and alerts to uncover issues post-deployment.
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