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How it works

The new way to reduce change risk

Simple Integration

Overmind discovers your cloud resources and how they are connected using read-only access. Overmind works like a web crawler in real-time. As it goes, it finds connections and gets useful insights right away, without any manual effort.

No Agents
Read-only permissions

Creating a change

Substantially reduce change risk by observing only the things that actually matter. Overmind analyses your change within seconds and shows you exactly what you might break (the "blast radius").

This allows you to clearly see the extent of this change’s risk, so you can deploy with confidence.

Overmind supports changes that span many accounts and regions ensuring that you get the full picture.

Intuitive Visualisation

The Overmind Graph shows you the true shape of your cloud environment, in as much detail as you need. Understand an entire application starting with nothing more than the URL. All from a single console. 

Ensure something is safe to delete by expanding it's dependencies.
Discover unexpected dependencies between applications by grouping by tags.
Filter, sort and hide items to ensure you only see exactly what you want.

View a diff

Identify exactly which changes caused which problems by viewing the diff. Overmind’s relationship graph allows you to correlate change in behaviour with the config change that caused it.

Knowing exactly what changed (and what didn't) means you can stop chasing red herrings and start understanding what went wrong and why.

Capturing the last-good-configuration helps you rollback faster and get back to work quickly.

Validate Health

Immediately identify changes that have gone wrong with health statuses. Take remediation action and confirm that the health status is restored.

Overmind unifies your existing health checks (e.g. Cloudwatch alarms) into a single per-change view. Our automatic relationships power this too, meaning there's no setup required.

Integrates into existing workflows

Overmind integrates into your existing CI/CD pipelines. Automatically create changes from pull requests and view the blast radius and diff for each change, without leaving your CI system.

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