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Overmind Partner Program

Overmind is a powerful tool for real-time impact analysis on Terraform changes. Overmind can identify the blast radius and uncover potential risks before they harm your infrastructure.

Who should partner with Overmind?

The program is designed for resellers & system integrators with a strong understanding of cloud, DevOps & CI/CD practices.  A bias towards IaC is recommended.

Why Partner with Overmind?

Overmind provides a robust set of features that allows organisations to accelerate their deployments, onboard their teams more quickly and avoid failed deployments with rich insights into their cloud environments.

What can you expect?

Training & access to the Overmind platform & documentation, a healthy margin for registered deals, use of the logo, access to the product team and the opportunity to do some joint marketing initiatives.

What Overmind needs from you?

Once approved as a partner, we need your promotion of the brand & solution on your websites and any relevant events, plus feedback on the platform, documentation, training & support to ensure we continue to provide the best platform in the IaC ecosystem.

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