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DynamoDB Backup is an AWS feature that enables users to create on-demand backups of their DynamoDB tables. By creating a backup, users can restore their data to a specific point in time and protect against accidental writes or deletions. With DynamoDB Backup, customers can replicate their data across AWS Regions for disaster recovery and increased availability. Additionally, customers are also able to access older versions of the same item over time, allowing them to audit changes made by any user or application. Through this capability, customers have greater control over their data and the ability to take corrective action in the event of an unexpected outage or malicious activity.


DynamoDB Backup
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DynamoDB Table
The link between Amazon DynamoDB-Backup and DynamoDB-Table in AWS is that the former is a service for creating backups of existing tables, while the latter provides a way to create and manage tables. DynamoDB-Backup allows users to take backup snapshots of their existing tables, which can then be restored at any time. This allows users to protect their data in case of an unexpected event or system failure. Meanwhile, the latter enables developers to programmatically create and manage tables within an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. By using these two services together, developers can ensure that their data is constantly backed up as well as securely stored in individualized tables.
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