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EC2 Volume Status in AWS is a feature that provides detailed information about the status of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) volumes. It allows users to not only monitor the health of their EC2 volumes, but also to obtain an overview of the performance of their EC2 instances. The feature includes data points such as read/write latency, read/write throughput, IOPS, and available capacity. Additionally, it displays any errors or warnings associated with the volume as well as its current status—whether it's up or down. With this information at hand, users can quickly identify potential issues with their EC2 environment and take steps to address them accordingly.


EC2 Volume Status
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EC2 Instance
The connection between an Amazon EC2 Volume and an Amazon EC2 Instance is that the Volume can be attached to the Instance, allowing data to persistently stored on the Volume. This enables applications running on the instance to access and store data without relying on local storage. When a Volume is attached to an Instance, it acts as a block device for that instance, similar in functionality to a physical hard drive or Solid State Drive (SSD). The size of the volume determines how much data can be stored on it.
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