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Lambda Layers is a feature of AWS that allows for the sharing of code and data between different Lambda functions. This helps to reduce the amount of code that needs to be written and maintained as it can be used by multiple functions. It also helps developers keep their code more organized and efficient by allowing them to store common code in one area rather than needing to repeat it over multiple functions. Lambda Layers can contain libraries, custom runtimes, configuration files, and other application resources such as images or text files. These resources are available to all functions within the same AWS account or region without needing additional authentication steps. This makes it easy for distributed teams working on a single project or different departments working on individual components of a larger project to take advantage of shared common resources without needing access permission protocols.


Lambda Layer
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Lambda Layer Version
Lambda-layer and lambda-layer-version in Amazon Web Services (AWS) are closely linked, as they both play a critical role in the efficient deployment of serverless applications. Lambda-layers are packages of code, libraries, and other dependencies that can be used across multiple AWS Lambda functions. This functionality allows developers to reduce code duplication and prevents the need for complex versioning strategies. By using a single layer, developers can make changes to the underlying resources without having to update each individual function. Lambda-layer-versions represent specific instances of layers that have been published. An up-to-date version of the layer is created whenever changes are made to its contents or configuration settings, allowing developers to deploy new versions with minimal effort and keep track of their progress over time. These versions can also be deployed independently from any functions that may be relying on them, allowing for more granular control over deployments and updates.
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