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An IAM Role in AWS is an identity that you can create within your AWS account that has specific permissions. It's different from a user in that it doesn't have any credentials stored, but rather relies on the underlying trust relationship between the identity provider and AWS. When an IAM Role is assumed, the underlying security credentials are generated dynamically and provided to the application or service assuming the role. This allows for greater flexibility when granting access to resources as well as allowing for fine-grained control of which services are allowed to assume which roles. Additionally, it enables applications and services to easily rotate their access credentials without needing manual intervention.


IAM Role
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The link between iam-role and iam-role-policy in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is that they are both components of the Identity Access Management (IAM) service. An IAM role is a set of permissions to access AWS services and resources that can be applied to users, groups, or roles. A role policy defines the permissions associated with an IAM role, such as what actions can be performed on which AWS services. The combination of an IAM role and its associated policy allows for secure access control within an AWS environment.
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