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The Story Behind that Backpack from AWS Summit London 2023

The Story Behind that Backpack from AWS Summit London 2023

Background: Why we built it?

Before diving into the details of the how we built it, let's first explain why we embarked on this endeavour in the first place. Our idea was to build a backpack that would provide a interactive experience and conversation starter for attendees of AWS Summit 2023. With this vision in mind, we set out to leverage AWS and some limited electrical know how to bring our idea to life.

Our Team yesterday getting to work assembling the backpack
The back(pack)end:

Assembling the backpack

To power the backpack and keep it running throughout the event, we used a 12v battery which we converted to 5v’s.

The diagram of how it works
Diagram of how it works

For the content we used a receiving card and a network connected LED video player.

Screen layout diagram

For the display we used 4 Flexible LED Modules configured as a square on the back and sides of the backpack.

The full part list can be found here:

Display module

Sending box

Receiving Card

Receiving Card Small

Power supply

The result

We had a awesome day walking around AWS Summit meeting lots of you! The backpack proved a great conversation starter and we loved seeing all the responses to it.

If you got any picture please feel free to tag us on Linkedin. We'd love to see them!

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