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James Lane
October 12, 2023

What is Overmind? (In a nutshell)

Make AWS changes with confidence. Start by submitting a pull request → discover the blast radius → track and validate that your change has not broken anything. Using read-only AWS access and no other inputs from you.

Overmind blast radius

Overmind understands all of the dependencies within your AWS infrastructure, so we can calculate the blast radius of a change, even for those resources outside of Terraform. Showing you the consequences of your changes, not just the changes themselves.

Start by creating an account for free here. You can signup either by using your email or google and github account.

Start by opening a Terraform pull request using the Overmind Github action.

The action will automatically populate a new change with the resources & items from your Terraform plan output.

Based on what you're changing, Overmind will calculate blast radius of the affected items. Use the graph to explore relationships and dependencies between these items.

The blast radius contains:

  1. What infrastructure will be affected.
  2. What applications rely on that infrastructure.
  3. What health checks those applications have.

Get started today!

After a successful early access program where we discovered over 600k AWS resources and mapped 1.7 million dependencies. We are now looking for innovators to join our design partner program to help test impact analysis (only for AWS infrastructure at the moment).

Get started today for free by signing up and creating an account here.

Or you're interested in influencing the direction of what we're building register for our design partner program here.

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