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An Availability Zone, or AZ, is an isolated location within an AWS Region. It provides physical isolation and redundancy from other AZs within the same region and is designed to be highly fault-tolerant and resilient. AWS customers can choose to deploy their applications across multiple Availability Zones to further reduce the risk of service outages caused by unexpected events such as natural disasters or network failures. This allows for improved scalability, availability, and performance for customers’ most critical workloads.


Availability Zone
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The connection between an EC2-Availability Zone (AZ) and an EC2-Region in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is that AZs are the individual geographical locations within a region. Each AZ has its own distinct, isolated infrastructure, allowing users to run applications with high availability, fault tolerance, and scalability. Regions are the physical locations around the world where AWS services reside; AZs are distinct locations within each region that offer low latency and higher fault tolerance for applications hosted on AWS. Moreover, when deploying resources across multiple Availability Zones in a single Region, customers can take advantage of higher availability and increased fault tolerance for their workloads.
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