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Egress Only Internet Gateway (EOIG) is an AWS service that enables customers to easily control outbound traffic from their Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network. With EOIG, customers can configure a highly secure, private pathway from their VPC to the internet, enabling them to securely access and transfer data to external resources such as websites and applications. EOIG provides an extra layer of security by allowing the customer to specify which types of traffic can flow through the gateway in order for it reach its destination. Additionally, EOIG provides enhanced visibility into outbound traffic flows via detailed logging capabilities. As a result, organizations gain improved control over their network’s performance and security posture while also gaining better insight into what is happening on their networks.


Egress Only Internet Gateway
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The link between AWS EC2-Egress-Only Internet Gateway and EC2-VPC lies in their ability to provide secure connectivity between two distinct network segments. EC2-Egress-Only Internet Gateway is a managed service that allows an internet gateway to be used for outbound traffic from an AWS VPC. The gateway provides a secure connection for both inbound and outbound traffic, ensuring that only authorised users can access the VPC's resources. The EC2-VPC service, on the other hand, allows users to create isolated virtual networks within their existing AWS account. It enables customers to securely connect resources located in different Availability Zones or Regions with one another while maintaining a high level of security. By utilising both services together, customers can ensure secure connectivity between two separate network segments while still being able to control access to each segment independently.
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