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Security Group Rule in AWS is a feature that enables users to control inbound and outbound traffic for their Amazon EC2 instances. The rules are set up using the AWS Management Console, and allow users to specify which IP addresses are allowed to access the instance, as well as which ports can be accessed. Security Groups provide an additional layer of security by preventing malicious traffic from accessing the instance while still allowing legitimate connections. Furthermore, they can also be used to restrict access based on source or destination address, protocol type, and port range.


Security Group Rule
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Security Group
The relationship between an EC2 Security Group Rule and an EC2 Security Group in AWS is integral. An EC2 Security Group serves as a virtual firewall, allowing access to the underlying instances based on the rules defined within it. A rule defines inbound or outbound traffic flows on port numbers, IP addresses and protocol types. Without rules, all traffic is blocked by default. Rules can be added or removed from a security group at any time, allowing administrators to create sophisticated network architectures that are highly secure and resilient.
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