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Network Interface Permission in AWS is a security feature that allows an administrator to define and manage network access for resources within the AWS environment. By leveraging Network Interface Permission, administrators can control who has access to specific parts of the AWS environment, ensuring only authorized users are able to connect and utilize resources. This security feature is useful for protecting sensitive data and resources from unauthorized access, as well as preventing malicious actors from gaining access to potentially vulnerable parts of the system. Network Interface Permission works by granting or denying permission on a per-interface basis; this means that all traffic passing through an interface must meet the criteria set by the administrator before it is allowed into or out of the system. Additionally, Network Interface Permissions can be configured using IAM policies, which allow administrators greater flexibility when defining their network security rules.


Network Interface Permission
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EC2 Network Interface
The link between EC2-Network-Interface-Permission and EC2-Network-Interface in AWS is that the former grants access to the latter. The Network Interface (ENI) is a virtual networking component that connects an instance to a subnet in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The Network Interface Permission (ENIP) allows users to control who has access to the ENI, providing an additional layer of security for resources within your AWS account. This feature enables granular control over which users can view or modify resources associated with the ENI, helping prevent accidental or malicious changes.
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EC2 Network Interface

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