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A Route53 Record Set in AWS is a collection of resource records that define a DNS record. It consists of a name and type, and one or more values. The record set resource type allows you to configure settings such as the weight, latency, geo routing, health checks for the specified domain name. This helps to route users to the correct endpoint based on their location or other criteria. Route53 also provides an alias feature which allows you to map hostnames in your domain to other AWS resources such as ELB load balancers or S3 buckets. This makes it easy for customers to access your applications without having to remember long URLs or IP addresses.


Route53 Record Set
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Route53 is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) service that provides Domain Name System (DNS) management and routing for websites, applications, and other resources. A Route53 Resource Record Set is the fundamental object used in AWS to store DNS records. A resource record set includes a DNS name and type, such as an A record or CNAME. Each resource record set also contains a value, which can be an IP address or other data depending on the type of record set. When configured correctly, these resource records enable requests sent to a domain name to be routed to your website or application’s IP address when they are sent on the Internet.
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