Container Instance

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Get a container instance by ID which consists of {clusterName}/{id}
List all container instances
Search for container instances by cluster


Container Instances are an AWS offering that provides a way to quickly create, deploy and manage containers in the cloud. With Container Instances, you can define your application requirements in terms of CPU and memory, then launch containers with those specifications. You can also choose from a variety of container images available on the AWS Marketplace or build your own custom images. Container Instances provide a simple, secure way to run applications without having to worry about managing infrastructure or configuring servers. They are designed for rapid deployment of containerized applications and provide high scalability with minimal effort.


Container Instance
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EC2 Instance
EC2-instance and ECS-container-instance are two related concepts in the AWS. The former is a virtual machine that can be used to deploy applications, while the latter is a container service that allows users to manage Docker containers on EC2 instances. In other words, an EC2 instance provides the resources for running a container, while an ECS Container Instance provides the interface for managing and monitoring those containers. By using both services together, users can easily deploy and scale their applications within AWS.
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EC2 Instance

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